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Our Mission:
We train teachers in Philosophy for Children which encourages children to think critically, creatively, collaboratively and caringly. We help children, particularly those facing disadvantage, to become lifelong learners.

SAPERE is the national charity supporting Philosophy for Children, or P4C, in the UK.

We promote philosophical enquiry and reflection in education by providing high-quality P4C training and sustaining P4C practice through continuous professional development. We support a community of registered trainers, P4C practitioners, teachers and members.

We train over 5,500 teachers and educators in P4C each year and have over 25 years experience in bringing P4C into a range of schools and educational settings. We offer whole school INSET training as well as open courses which are open to all.

Research by the Education Endowment Foundation shows that SAPERE P4C improves outcomes in literacy and numeracy, particularly for children facing disadvantage. Research from the Nuffield Foundation further shows that SAPERE P4C improves communication skills, teamwork and resilience.

Want to find out more about SAPERE P4C? Sign up now for one of our free taster events 
Our next taster days are taking place across England, from Hampshire to County Durham, in June and July. Find out more and sign up here.

Inclusion and diversity at SAPERE P4C: Level 3 bursary
We want to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports and celebrates diverse voices. As part of this process, we're offering a SAPERE inclusion and diversity bursary of £750 to cover the costs of tuition, accommodation and catering, for this year's Level 3 course. Find out more and apply.