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The Philosophical Educator: Advancing Theory and Practice of P4C Level 3

Explore the philosophical foundations of P4C and become an advanced facilitator

  • Engage critically with the educational and philosophical perspectives that underpin P4C
  • Develop the understanding of P4C necessary to embark on the SAPERE trainer pathway 

This three-day course focuses on questions and concepts in these broad areas of philosophical thinking:

  • Language and learning
  • Knowledge and belief in P4C
  • Ethics and politics in/of P4C
  • Childhood and P4C
  • Experience and the aesthetic response in P4C

The course is designed for educators who want to develop a deep understanding of the philosophy behind P4C and to prepare themselves to become SAPERE trainers. Participants must have completed the Level 2B course (including the course report) and have practised P4C regularly for at least 2 years.


Completion of the Level 3 course and post-course assignment will qualify you for a P4C Advanced Facilitator certificate. Successful completion of the course and a post-course interview with SAPERE is required for teachers wishing to begin the trainer pathway.


How do I know when I’m ready for Level 3?

  • When you have had experience leading P4C in your school
  • When you want to understand the philosophy behind P4C to progress further
  • If you are considering the possibility of becoming a SAPERE trainer


£750 for an individual place on a three-day accredited SAPERE open course


Course benefits:

  • For teachers, you will have a deep understanding of the theoretical foundations of P4C and the ability to link these to advanced P4C practice
  • For aspiring P4C trainers, you will be able to apply for progression to the SAPERE trainer pathway, subject to interview

Call SAPERE on 01865 408333 or email to enquire about Level 3 training or click here to book a place.

On-line course support

This link will take you to the Moodle on-line support pages for all our courses.  SAPERE will send you a user name and password when you register for the course