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Lizzy Lewis

Development Manager,

After completing a Philosophy and English degree at York Lizzy taught in primary schools for 12 years and has practised Philosophy for Children (P4C) since 1994. She was awarded a Best Practice Research Scholarship for one year to research P4C in 2001, and for her Masters Degree in Education (Distinction) in 2006 she focused on P4C and children’s emotional development. Lizzy began working for SAPERE in 2003 and now works part-time as Development Manager. In this role she has oversight of SAPERE development including communication, resources, membership and events.  Lizzy is a registered SAPERE Trainer and was an Associate Tutor of Oxford Brookes University (2005-9), where she trained teachers in P4C.

Lizzy has twice served as a school governor; as a teacher and as a parent and runs a company, A Level Philosophy that provides training and resources for teachers and students. In November 2013 Lizzy was elected President of ICPIC (The International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children.



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