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P4C Video Clips

Philosophy for Children at Coleridge Primary Rotherham

The children and teachers tell the story of P4C at their school:  09:03

Coleridge Primary School's P4C from SAPERE on Vimeo.

Philosophy for Children at Secondary - Bow School
Why a multi-cultural secondary school is using P4C, and the impact it is seeing:  04:52

Year 6 P4C enquiry - Gallions School

If life is a puzzle, does it have to be completed?  Facilitated by Lisa Naylor:  06:08


Matthew Lipman on P4C

Mathew Lipman on the origins of P4C and its use in a disadvantaged New York school:  08.44

Rokeby School

The role of student P4C champions at Rokeby School, Newham, London: 01:37

P4C at Tate Livepool
Young children use P4C and artwork to develop thinking and explore their sense of self with John Moore University, School Improvement Liverpool and Tate Liverpool

a sense of self 2 from jake ryan on Vimeo

P4C at the Royal College of Art

Sixth form students from Greycoat Hospital and Burntwood schools use P4C in combination with fine art studies at the RCA

Art and Philosophy at the RCA, Led by Jake Garfield from Ben Garfield on Vimeo.


TEDxUCD talk by Professor Charlotte Blease:  Why Philosophy is a Right

We expect our children to be literate and numerate but we should also expect them to be philosophically (critically) aware about ideas, arguments, and different ways of viewing the world: 17:01  

Granny or the Goldfish?

P4C in action with 9 year olds with James Nottingham in a Northumberland middle school: 04:45

Why we love P4C

Student video from Wildern Primary School: 02:17

P4C with 3 year olds
James Nottingham and Bob the Builder: 04:36

P4C with 3+ year olds

Sara Stanley explains how P4C works with 3 and 4 year olds: 07:33

P4C in Liverpool
The full video of the Liverpool Healthy Schools P4C project:  Early years, primary and secondary: 12:35

Gallions Primary School
BBC London News report on P4C in an East London primary school:  02:27