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SAPERE Philosophy for Children School Awards

SAPERE’s three awards - Bronze AwardSilver Award and Gold Award - celebrate a school's progress in establishing high quality P4C. The award framework provides guidance on progression towards achieving outstanding and sustainable P4C practice for the pupils, the teachers and the school. Here is the award framework for primary and secondary schools.

The awards are progressive, so schools need to start with Bronze, then move on to Silver and Gold.  It takes time to embed P4C well into a school's teaching, learning and culture. An excellent rate of progress to aim for would be Bronze after one year of P4C, Silver after two and Gold after three years.

  • Bronze is for schools that have made a commitment to P4C as a whole school pedagogy and started on the SAPERE training pathway

  • Silver recognizes that P4C is a regular part of the teaching and learning within the school.  The children demonstrate familiarity with philosophical concepts and questions.  Teachers begin to integrate planning and reviewing P4C across the curriculum

  • Gold is for schools that have fully embedded P4C, which is reflected in the school ethos, strategy, teaching and learning.  Gold award schools can demonstrate that P4C is sustainable and showcase this to others as ambassadors of P4C

The awards also form part of SAPERE’s Going for Gold programme. Going for Gold is a structured training and support programme for implementing whole school P4C. 

Click here to see a map of all our award schools  

For further information please contact Alison Allsopp,Training Manager,