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ITT and Colleges

SAPERE works with both Initial Teacher Education and Higher Education Institutions

Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Institutions

SAPERE provides an opportunity Initial Teacher Training institutions to register as SAPERE Partners.  We support those in teacher training to introduce Philosophy for Children to their students who need to know of its relevance to pedagogy and the curriculum.

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Higher Education

SAPERE has contributed to a number of workshops about the relevance of philosophical enquiry in higher education.  We have been supported by the Higher Education Authority with this initiative and have a number of university partnerships. 

Philosophy departments are interested in training philosophy students in P4C so that they can work in schools. Departments can benefit from connecting with our network of schools and academies, and our expertise in pedagogy.  We have trained academic philosophers from approximately 20 departments.

We have also had interest from those responsible for teaching and learning in higher education who are keen to promote philosophical enquiry as a pedagogy and to improve the quality of seminars and discussion.

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