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P4C in Teaching Schools

SAPERE provides an opportunity for Teaching Schools to:

  • qualify as a SAPERE Partner in promoting Philosophy for Children (P4C) in their teacher education programmes.
  • register CPD provision as working in formal partnership with SAPERE, the national charity promoting P4C.
  • bring the benefits of P4C to pupils throughout their alliance.

As a SAPERE Partner you will:

  • be able to offer a 4 hour introductory unit (which has credit towards SAPERE’s two day Level 1 course) and could be either integral or optional within your programme.
  • receive materials from SAPERE to support you in teaching this unit.

Teachers undertaking the introductory unit will:

  • be able to begin practising P4C with their classes.
  • be eligible to attend a completion/follow up day leading to a SAPERE Level 1 certificate.


  • There is an annual partner registration fee of £250 that includes membership of SAPERE.  As a member you have access to online resources.
  •  The cost of SAPERE training is provided at a special rate to partner Teaching Schools of £550 for the unit and £1100 for the completion day. Maximum 22 delegates for Level 1 courses.  For those attending the completion day the rate includes SAPERE Level 1 course handbook and certificate.  

Download the Partnership Agreement showing the Terms & Conditions.

If you'd like to discuss this or find out more please contact Karen Bunting at or Lizzy Lewis at, 01865 408333.