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Philosophy for Global Citizenship (P4GC)

SAPERE has partnerships with the following UK Development Education Centres that provide P4C training that is registered with the Global Learning Programme. This means that schools can gain funding from the GLP for Philosophy for Children.

CDEC (Cumbria Development Education Centre)                CDEC (Cheshire Development Education Centre)

DEED (Dorset and Hampshire)                                                  DECSY (South Yorks Development Education Centre)

Global Link (Development Education Centre, Lancashire)        HEC Global Learning (London)

Lifeworlds Learning                                                                   Liverpool World Centre  

Reading International Solidarity Centre

Philosophy for Children is recommended in the Cambridge Primary Review Trust Report Sustainability and Global Understanding (2015-16)Many global learning resources share similar pedagogical approaches that involve active participation and discussion. Philosophy for Children (P4C), for example, uses a dialogical approach to learning and its popular resources include materials focused on global issues, looking at issues from different viewpoints and encouraging critical thinking. (p 20)

P4GC Resources  

There are many P4GC resources in the SAPERE online databaseThanks to Actionaid for their contributions.

Click here to see 12 Key Concepts of Global Citizenship with suggested stimuli for enquiry by Mary Young. 

Oxfam has a guide on P4C on its website as well as P4C resources.