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P4C and SAPERE in the Media

Meet the ten-year-old philosophers Sheffield Telegraph, February 2017

World Hacks: Teaching Kids to Think  BBC World Service, December 2016

Andreas Primary School, Isle of Man - first Manx school to win P4C award
Gallions Primary School BBC London - a SAPERE Gold Award School
Rokeby School - a SAPERE Gold Award School
Granny or the Goldfish? - Channel 4
P4C contributes to making Haselworth Primary 3rd most improved in Hampshire:  Portsmouth Evening News, November 2016
P4C impact reported in leading Italian newspaper:  Corriera della Serra, October 2016
The P4C International Community of Enquiry, International Teacher Magazine, September 2016
P4C and attainment in Australia, The Conversation, August 2016
Philosophy in the classroom, International Teacher Magazine, June 2016
Mutual respect a key element of P4C, Surrey Advertiser, 2016
How Philosophical Discussions help to accelerate pupils' progress, Children and Young People Now, 2015
Teaching primary school children philosophy improves English and maths skills, Independent, 2015 
Primary children learn faster and fight less if they study philosophy, Times, 2015
Cartesian Curriculum, Times, 2015
Runcorn high school sets national precedents with trailblazing philosophy and transition programmes,  Liverpool Echo, 2015 

Primary school children need to have philosophical discussions, Western Daily Press, 2015
Philosophy for children boosts their progress at school, The Conversation, 2015
Want to boost your child's maths and reading skills? Then teach them about trust and kindness, The Mirror, 2015
Philosophy sessions improve pupil learning, Schools Week, 2015
An under-appreciated way of teaching kids to think rationally, The Washington Post, 2015
Why it stands to reason that philosophy benefits learning, Times Educational Supplement, 2015
Philosophy sessions 'boost primary school results', BBC Education, 2015 
Philosophical discussions boost pupils' maths and literacy progress, The Guardian, 2015
P4C in secondary schools, SecEd, 2015
Philosophy in the Primary School: how thinking skills will benefit your child, The School Run, 2013
Ofsted praises Philosophy Lessons, Norwich Evening News, 2012
P4C praised at 'Best' Primary School, BBC, 2012
Independent Thinkers, TES, 2008
The Big Issues, TES 2008
TES Let your Mind Boggle - review of SAPERE training, TES 2007
I am four, therefore I think , The Times, 2006
Small must think big, TES, 2005
Make Philosophy Compulsory in Schools - The Herald, 2004
Wrestling with Big Issues, TES, 2004
Philosophical Approach is Winner for Primary Schools - The Scotsman 2003
Philosophy is Child's Play - The Times.doc - The Times 2003
They think, therefore they learn better, TES 2003