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P4C Training Courses

We know from experience, and from working with our colleagues in other countries, that it takes significant time and practice to become a skilled facilitator of P4C.

For many teachers in the UK, philosophy is an entirely new subject so our courses are designed to become progressively more philosophically challenging. Therefore it usually takes around 2 years to complete Levels 1, 2A, 2B and 3.

We recommend starting with Level 1, moving on to Level 2A three to six months later, then Level 2B three to six months later and then Level 3 after six to twelve months.

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Going for Gold

SAPERE's programme of whole school P4C training and support for both primary and secondary schools

P4C Foundation Course Level 1

Start practising P4C with your students

P4C Advanced Course Level 2A

Advance your skills for higher quality enquiries and to support less-experienced colleagues

P4C Advanced Course Level 2B

Get ready to lead P4C in your school

P4C Tools for Thinking Together

Reinforce your P4C practice and strengthen the skills learned in the Level 1 P4C Foundation course

P4C Advancing Theory and Practice Level 3

Explore the philosophical foundations of P4C and become an advanced facilitator