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The most effective way to engage with P4C is as a whole school approach.  This starts with SAPERE’s Foundation two-day Level 1 course and can build from there with additional training and support.

For schools wanting to adopt a longer term strategic approach to embedding and sustaining P4C, our Going for Gold programme is the best option

We can also offer the a introductory day or twilight session. This provides an overview of the P4C approach and its benefits to children’s learning.

What P4C can do for your school:

For your pupils:

  • Increased motivation to enquire and learn
  • More critical and reflective thinkers and learners
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Enhanced speaking and listening skills which have an impact across the curriculum

For your teachers:

  • New practical strategies to enhance teaching and learning skills
  • Greater confidence in using open-ended questioning and dialogue
  • Increased pupil engagement in the classroom

For your school as a whole:

  • Uplift in standardised test scores
  • Improvements in classroom and playground behaviour
  • Whole school impact on learning and teaching, communication with parents and the community

INSET pricing:

To find out more please contact: 

 SAPERE team on 01865 408 333 or via