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Examples of P4C in Action

Impact of P4C at Haselworth Primary School

P4C and Writing at Armathwaite Primary School

The P4C Journey at Coleridge Primary School

  • It’s 9am at Coleridge Primary School, Rotherham.  SAPERE trainer Nick Chandley is in a circle of 14 children.  Beside Nick are two five-year olds, Ewan and Kayleigh.  Everyone is sitting cross legged on the floor...  Click here for the full case study

P4C Champion at Rokeby Secondary School, Newham

  • Tamunotanye Dakoru-Whyte is a Year 10 P4C Champion at Rokeby in Newham.  Although only 15 years old, he is engaged in and delivering P4C at a level that many trained teachers would aspire to achieve.  Click here for the full case study

P4C in Liverpool

P4C at Park Campus Academy Secondary Alternative Provision

  • Lucas made a big mistake the day he brought a knife into school.  In his mind, it was just a defensive move to ward off the constant bullying that left him physically and emotionally battered every single school day...  Click here for the full case study

P4C in the Primary-Secondary Transition at Manorfield Primary and Bow Secondary  

  • Manorfield and Bow are using P4C to help students cope with the transition from primary to secondary.  This transition is a key challenge in their educational journey, particularly for those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, of whom there are many in Tower Hamlets. Click here for the full case study

Implementing P4C at Kingsford Community School

  • Kingsford is a 1,500-student secondary school with high numbers of pupil premium and EAL students.  Implementing P4C was a challenge but it is now fundamental to the school's teaching and learning strategies.  Click here for the full case study