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SAPERE Conference 2017 - presentation materials

Please find below materials from our annual conference on Thursday 16th November 2017.  


Opening Doors to Quality Thinking (Bob Cox) presentation and handout


P4C and EYFS (Harriet Goodman) presentation and Stimulus ideas for Early Years P4C

Controversy, Safety and Values: P4C in the age of Prevent and FBV (Joanna Haynes and Darren Chetty) presentation and handout coming soon! 

P4C, reading and writing (Nick Chandley)
Concept lightbulbs
Leading questions explained
Leading questions (group)
Leading questions (individual)
Question Quadrant
Philosophy jotters
Question exploration
Guided reading

Thinking Moves (Roger Sutcliffe)  Roger's Thesaurus of Thinking Moves (presentation coming soon)     

P4C for Beginners (Alison Hall)
4C sentence starter suggestions
Facilitation prompts

Culture Change in Schools with P4C and Value-based Education (VbE) (Sue Webb)