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Frequently Asked Questions

Level 1 courses

I have forgotten my username and/or password for the SAPERE website, how do I retrieve these?
Please email us at

How do I register for a course?
All our courses and costs are listed on our website here. You can book onto a SAPERE course online, by emailing or by calling us on 01865 408333. To book onto a SAPERE course being run independently by a SAPERE trainer, please contact the trainer directly. Details of how to do this are included in the course descriptions. 

How do I get my certificate from my Level 1 course?
You need to complete the certificate request form on our website here and specify which Level certificate you are applying for. We will then email your certificate to you (please note, this can take up to 2 weeks)

NB: You no longer need to submit evidence of your six enquiries in order to claim your Level 1 certificate, but keep a record of them as you will need to show evidence of your six enquiries in order to undertake a Level 2A course.

Do I need to start my training at Level 1?
Yes - whatever level of teaching experience, everyone needs to start at Level 1. The Level 1 course provides the basic introduction to philosophical enquiry and the theory and practice of P4C in preparation for those wishing to get started in the classroom or other educational setting. The three levels of training we offer build on each other towards greater understanding of the principles and practice of P4C. You can see more details about our course progression here

Is the Level 1 course suitable for non-teachers?
Yes, although as this course provides an introduction to the practice of P4C, it is usual that participants will have an opportunity to lead enquiries in an educational or community setting. It is a requirement to be able to work regularly in a classroom in order to progress onto Level 2A.


How do I get my certificate from my Level 1 course?
You need to complete the certificate request form on our website here and specify which Level certificate you are applying for. We will then email your certificate to you (please note, this can take up to 2 weeks)

How do I get my certificate from my Level 2A or 2B course?
Once you have submitted your coursework via the SAPERE Moodle and your trainer has marked and passed your work, your trainer will email you to let you know and copy in the SAPERE office. The office will then email you your certificate. 

Whole school training

I would like more information about whole school P4C training
SAPERE offers the Level 1 course as a school INSET, taken as the full two day Level 1 certificated course. The two days do not have to be taken consecutively but can be split over time to fit in with INSET days. The training cost is £2200 for a full Level 1 course, inclusive of trainer travel and expenses, for a group of up to 22 participants. The course includes Level 1 certification for all participants, access to our ‘Getting started with P4C’ guide on our website and two Level 1 handbooks. Additional copies can be purchased for £10 each. You can more information about INSETs here

We also offer Going for Gold, a three-year programme of training for schools who are interested in embedding P4C in the longer term. This works alongside our SAPERE Award criteria as a way of measuring and reviewing progress.

What is Going for Gold?
SAPERE's 'Going for Gold' programme of P4C provides both primary and secondary schools a planned and structured approach to training and support in order to implement and embed P4C in a more cost effective and sustainable way. Going for Gold is open to all schools, with preferential terms particularly for those schools in areas of high deprivation with more than 25% of pupils eligible for pupil premium. For more information about Going for Gold, download the brochure here.


How do I access the Level 1 handbook and ‘Getting Started with P4C’ guide on the SAPERE website?
These are only available to people who have attended one of our courses and are thereafter accessible after you log on to the SAPERE website. As a course attendee, you will have been sent a username and password for our website. If you have forgotten these details, please contact us on You can also get in contact with your trainer, who will be able to provide you with a pdf copy. 

Do I need to login to access the resources?
Most of our resources are available to all here. However, our Level 1 handbook and ‘Getting Started with P4C’ guide are only available to our course participants.  


How do I submit my coursework for Level 2 and 3 courses?
On the SAPERE Moodle.  If you have attended a level 2A, 2B or 3 course and not been given a Moodle username, please email us at If you have forgotten your username or password for Moodle, please use the ‘lost username or password’ links on the SAPERE Moodle homepage. 

Becoming a SAPERE Trainer

I would like to become a SAPERE Trainer, what do I need to do? 
You will need to have undertaken and passed the Level 3 course before starting the pathway to becoming a trainer. The pathway to become an accredited SAPERE Level 1 trainer typically takes 1 year from the date of the Level 3 course. You can see more about our Trainer pathway here

SAPERE Membership

How do I become a Member of SAPERE?
SAPERE is a growing network of practitioners and supporters of Philosophy for Children and Communities in the UK. By becoming a member, you will help to strengthen our voice in the development of educational and social policy by promoting the benefits of philosophical enquiry. SAPERE Membership is open to all - teachers (practising or not), governors, parents and philosophers (professional or recreational) and costs £30 a year. As a member, you get a special rate at our annual conference and voting rights at our AGM. For more information and to become a member, please click here, email or call us on 01865 408333.