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2156: SAPERE Open Level 1 Foundation Course
09/05/2017 - 10/05/2017
Lumen URC
88 Tavistock Place

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Completion of the course and facilitating 6 P4C sessions will qualify you for a P4C Initial Practitioner certificate.

Course programme coming soon.

Start practising P4C straight away:

  • Encourage philosophical questioning and dialogue
  • Learn how to facilitate a P4C enquiry
  • Identify resources to stimulate rich discussions with young people

The two-day course:

  • Introduces the theory and practice of P4C
  • Provides tools to develop students’ questioning and thinking skills
  • Connects P4C to the curriculum
  • Demonstrates philosophical enquiry in practice
  • Presents P4C resources and sources of teaching materials

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Nick Chandley - Trainer Profile

A qualified primary teacher, Nick spent the six years prior to becoming independent working for one of the country’s foremost education action zones, serving an area of high social and economic deprivation. The needs of the pupils meant that creative approaches to the whole curriculum were vital in order to engage, motivate and inspire. This led him to co-write the Learning Skills Curriculum, a resource that shifted the emphasis from knowledge-focused learning objectives to ones centred around the development of essential and transferable skills, such as working with others, creative and critical thinking and communication. Now an independent consultant specialising in Philosophy for Children (P4C), Nick travels the country leading INSET and working with children and young people in nurseries, children’s centres, infant, junior and secondary schools and the further education sector. He also edited and contributed to the most recent SAPERE Level 1 Course Handbook and his most recent book (with Lizzy Lewis), ‘Philosophy for Children through the Secondary Curriculum’, was published in May 2012 (Continuum). This demonstrates how every subject area can be taught using the P4C approach, something he strongly advocates in his work with schools and children. He is also education consultant to Planet Nemo Animation’s ‘What’s the Big Idea?’, bringing philosophy to young children. This major series has been sold extensively around the world, including CBeebies in the UK. He has also worked directly with the BBC and other television companies. Nick writes resources monthly for SAPERE and is also a lead trainer, writer and online coordinator for Open Futures, the enquiry-based learning education charity founded by the Helen Hamlyn Trust. This involves training and supporting schools in implementing philosophy across the primary curriculum and across their other in-school programmes. He also manages the partnership between SAPERE and Open Futures that brings funding to schools across England to allow them to implement philosophical enquiry across the whole school. One of his biggest concerns in becoming independent was losing contact with children, so he regularly conducts sessions with children of all ages. He has been involved for three years with one particular school, working with children, parents and teaching staff, with the objective of raising attainment through philosophical enquiry. The school has recently achieved its highest ever set of academic results for the second year running and has been awarded the SAPERE Gold award in recognition of its achievements in P4C. When not working, writing or sleeping he can be found looking after a growing collection of animals, making music, wondering if his books will ever get finished and reminding his family who he is.

Thank you for your interest in this course, however, it is now fully booked.

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