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2160: SAPERE Open Level 2A Advanced Course
20/04/2017 - 21/04/2017
Lumen URC
88 Tavistock Place

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Level 2A Advanced P4C Course 

A two-day event and costs £300 per person.  It is aimed at those who have completed Level 1 and have been using P4C fairly regularly for a minimum of 6 months. To be eligible you need to have facilitated at least six P4C sessions.

This course leads on to the Level 2B please check the website for the dates of the level 2B courses.



How do I know when I’m ready for Level 2?

·         When you have been using P4C regularly in the classroom for six months or more

·         When your students are starting to ask higher order questions and to self-facilitate

·         When you want to start supporting colleagues who are less confident in P4C

 The two-day course:

·         Examines the nature, purpose and methods of philosophical enquiry   

·         Shows how to choose and create materials to stimulate deeper philosophical thinking and     dialogue

·         Extends practices and tools for better philosophical thinking and facilitation

·         Strengthens understanding of the theory and practice of critical, creative, caring and    collaborative thinking

·         Establishes criteria for planning and evaluating progress over a cycle of P4C enquiry, exercise and review

Click here for more details about the Level 2A course.


Steve Bramall - Trainer Profile

Steve is a trained philosopher and teacher educator with a University of London PhD in Philosophy of Education. Steve provides P4C Level 1 training, INSET, and consultancy to schools, local authorities, charities and universities. He’s a regular P4C practitioner, working with young people in schools, with adults, and with a range of organizations including Widening Participation, Creative Partnerships, Open Futures and Gifted & Talented. Steve’s published works include: 'Metathinking for Teachers', 'The Educational Significance of the Interface', 'It's Good to Talk’, 'Opening Up Open-Mindedness', and 'Letting the Passengers Drive the Bus.' Previously Steve lectured Philosophy of Education at the University of London Institute of Education and as a teaching professor in Macau, China. He currently teaches teachers at Oxford Brookes and University of Hertfordshire, and is Training Director for the Biochemical Society.


How to get to Lumen URC - 88 Tavistock Place London WC1H 9RS

Lumen is where Tavistock Place meets Regent Square. If you have A to Z London that may be all you need to know.

From the railway stations to the North  

From Kings Cross or St Pancras (International and Domestic) or Kings Cross/St Pancras underground get south of the Euston Road through a subway tunnel to Euston Road (South) or by using light-controlled crossing from the St Pancras side of the road that runs between the stations. In the subway, exit up the stairs to Camden Town Hall/St Pancras Library. Cross Argyle Street and turn left, walking South beside the St Pancras public library (route of the Jubilee Walkway). Near the end of Argyle Street turn right following sign to Holy Cross Church and turn left beside McGlynn’s pub (Whidbourne Street). You will see Holy Cross church in front of you across Cromer Street. Go around left side of the church and keep forward (South – Harrison Street) to Lumen either beside short cycle path and along the short side of Regent Square or besides Stanstead housing block.

If you end up West of Camden Town Hall just walk South along Judd Street to traffic lights; turn left there (watch out for complicated traffic lights phase and strange contra-flow in cycle lane).  

From Tavistock Square (buses 59, 68, 91, and 168)  

From south-eastern corner of the Square (Eastern, if you are using a compass), where there are traffic lights, come along the full length of Tavistock Place. Lumen is next to the brick office building clearly labelled high up as United Reformed Church House.  

From Greys Inn Road (buses 17, 45, and 46)  

Alight at Eastman Dental Hospital (southwards) or Acton Street/Sidmouth Street (northwards) and walk west along Sidmouth Street beside Westminster Kingsway College, through Regent Square (pavement beside old regency terrace) to Lumen.  

From Russell Square underground (Piccadilly Line) Buses 7 and 188 terminate nearby.

Turn right out of the station, but cross two roads by zebra crossings at right angles, then walk below Brunswick Centre (concrete retail and housing complex originally built in 1970s). Turn left at end of Brunswick Centre, cross zebra below Renoir Cinema, then turn left, walk North beside garden of Brunswick Square and one more block before turning right at traffic lights (King of Falafel restaurant).  


Parking available beneath Brunswick Centre (access from Marchmont Street), Holiday Inn (access from Herbrand Street) or Russell Court.


Fee for two-day course£300.00

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