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2464: SAPERE (In School) Open Level 2A Advanced Course
08/06/2017, 09/06/2017
Victoria Park Primary School
Atlas Road

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Please note: Open ‘in school’ courses are those that are hosted by a school but are open to everyone.


Directions to Victoria Park Primary School:

Phone 01179030343

Bus number 50 runs from Bristol Temple Meads railway station every 15 minutes. The journey time is roughly 20 minutes and you should ask to be let off near the end of St John’s Lane, just before the bus turns into Redcatch Road.

Bedminster railway station is a short walk from the school

No parking in the school but it is possible to park in roads nearby.


The Level 2A Advanced P4C Course is a two-day event and costs £300 per person (to include buffet lunch and refreshments).  It is aimed at those who have completed Level 1 and have been using P4C fairly regularly for a minimum of 6 months. To be eligible you need to have facilitated at least six P4C sessions.


How do I know when I’m ready for Level 2?


·         When you have been using P4C regularly in the classroom for six months or more

·         When your students are starting to ask higher order questions and to self-facilitate

·         When you want to start supporting colleagues who are less confident in P4C


The two-day course:


·         Examines the nature, purpose and methods of philosophical enquiry

·         Shows how to choose and create materials to stimulate deeper philosophical thinking and dialogue

·         Extends practices and tools for better philosophical thinking and facilitation

·         Strengthens understanding of the theory and practice of critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinking

·         Establishes criteria for planning and evaluating progress over a cycle of P4C enquiry, exercise and review



Trainer Biography: (Rod Cunningham) Rod has worked as a mathematics educator for over 30 years. He has been facilitating P4C since 2006. In that time he has completed courses and requirements to become a P4C trainer and has recently co-authored a chapter in the book ‘Philosophy for Children Across the Secondary Curriculum’. He has also utilised a range of facilitation models with community groups (transition town Abergavenny) working on sustainability issues and developed the use of P4C approaches across the curriculum (particularly in mathematics and science). He is presently a trustee of SAPERE.



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