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2971: The Philosophical Educator: Advancing Theory and Practice of P4C Level 3 through reading, presentation, discussion and inspiration and resources
11/10/2018, 12/10/2018, 13/10/2018
Missenden Abbey Conference Centre
London Road
HP16 0PD

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  • Engage critically and reflect on key P4C concepts, concerns and positions
  • Develop advanced knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the theory and practice of P4C
  • Become better equipped to progress towards the trainer pathway, advocate for P4C and contribute to the better development of the practice
  • Topic 1: Ethics in/of P4C
  • Topc 2: Politics in/of P4C
  • Topic 3: Childhood and P4C
  • Topic 4: Language and knowledge in P4C
  • Topic 5: Experience and the Aesthetic Response in P4C
  • Topic 6: Pedagogy in/of P4C


Course programme


This three-day course is designed for educators who want to develop a deep understanding of the philosophy behind P4C.
Participants must have completed the Level 2B course (including analytic course report) or the old style Level 2 course (plus assignment), and have practised P4C regularly for at least 2 years.

Participants will engage critically with the educational and philosophical perspectives that underpin P4C, and develop the understanding of P4C necessary to facilitate advanced P4C enquiries.


How do I know when I’m ready for Level 3?


  • When you have had experience leading P4C in your school
  • When you want to understand the philosophy behind P4C to progress further
  • If you are considering the possibility of becoming a SAPERE trainer. You will be able to apply for progression to the SAPERE trainer pathway, subject to interview


Completion of the Level 3 course and post-course assignment will qualify you for a P4C Advanced Facilitator certificate


This is a residential course, so costs include 2 overnight stays as well as all meals. If you would like to attend as a day delegate, this may be possible but priority will be given to residential delegates. To enquire about day delegate course costs, please contact Karen on


Call SAPERE on 01865 408333 to enquire about Level 3 training




Thank you for your interest in this course, however, it is now fully booked.

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