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Philosophical Questions

Philosophy asks the question, 'what is it to be human?' . There are many other questions that follow from this such as, 'who am I?', ''what am I?', 'is there life after death?', 'how should we live?', 'what kind of world do we live in?', 'how is language possible?'.

The Greek root of Philosophy is 'love of wisdom' and philosophy tries to provide a thorough, theoretical backing for the claims of wisdom, based on reasons.

Philosophical questions:

  • Are open to examination, further questioning and enquiry
  • Can't be answered by appealing only to scientific investigation or sense experience
  • Are questions about meaning, truth, value, knowledge and reality

In Philosophy for Children (P4C) we encourage children to create their own philosophical questions.

Teachers say that after just a few weeks of regular P4C they notice a change in the quality and depth of children's questioning.  This has a powerful effect on children's thinking and learning across the curriculum.  

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