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Open Futures

Open Futures is a skills and enquiry-based curriculum development programme, linking learning and life. It was developed to help children discover and develop practical skills, personal interests and values, which will contribute to their education and help to enhance their adult lives.

Open Futures is a fresh way of meeting the needs of primary school children, whose natural spirit of enquiry is fostered and nurtured through the programme’s four curriculum strands:

These linked creative contexts stimulate and motivate, providing children and their teachers with the opportunity to work with professionals who are experienced in delivering educational projects from the worlds of food, horticulture, media, academia, philosophy and the arts.

Of the four Open Futures strands, askit (provided by SAPERE) is that which most closely defines the programme as a whole. By helping children to develop their ability to question, to reason, to hypothesise and, above all, to communicate, askit has a meaningful role to play not just in terms of primary level personal development, but also in the way in which it enriches their approaches to, and experiences of growit, cookit and filmit.