SAPERE Annual Conference 2020: Inspiring P4C Practice

Our 2020 Annual Conference, Inspiring P4C Practice, took place on 6 March 2020

With workshops led by P4C leaders from exemplary SAPERE P4C Award Schools, P4C in the classroom was at the heart of our 2020 conference. 

Our sessions covered EYFS, primary and secondary levels and gave delegates the chance to participate, discuss, share good practice, and experience new thinking and activities on P4C. 

The leaders of our workshops came from schools taking part in SAPERE's Going for Gold programme which had either achieved the SAPERE P4C Gold Award or are on course to.

Our workshops

Transforming the culture of schools with P4C: the true story of two schools in challenging circumstances
Led by Paul Jackson, Headteacher of Manorfield Primary School in Poplar, East London

Gold Award P4C: inspiring curiosity and independent thinking across the curriculum
Led by Meghan Tipping, P4C Lead and Year 6 Teacher at St Catherine's Catholic Primary School in Sheffield 

Using P4C to develop language in nursery: how P4C can be adapted for nursery-age children to complement the prime areas of learning in the EYFS
Led by Emma Taggart, Nursery Lead at Chestnut Nursery School in Exeter

Developing P4C through art
Led by Suzanne Brown, P4C Lead at Breckon Hill Primary School in Middlesbrough 

Community cohesion and P4C
Led by Bhavesh Galoria, Assistant Headteacher and P4C Lead at Rokeby School in Newham, East London

Feedback from 2020 Conference

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Our 2021 Conference

Details of our 2021 Conference will be published here later in 2020.