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Obtaining your certificate
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If you can't find the answer to your question below, please get in contact by email on or call us on 01865 408333.

Our courses

How do I book a place on a course?

Courses can be booked through our website. Click on the link for Level 1, Level 2A, Level 2B or Level 3 and scroll down to see all currently available courses.

If you have any questions about our courses, or have trouble booking, please email us on or call us on 01865 408333.

Do I need to start my training at Level 1?
Yes. Our course pathway starts at Level 1, whatever level of experience you have in teaching or the study of philosophy.

I'm not a teacher. Can I still do a Level 1 course?
Yes, you don't have to be a teacher to take our Level 1 course. Our course participants include teacher educators, youth workers, museum educators and others. We would expect, though, that you will have the opportunity to lead enquiries in an educational or community setting following the course as, to obtain your Level 1 certificate ,you will need to confirm that you have facilitated at least six enquiries.

How do I log in to the Student and Trainer Portal?

Click here to log in to the Student and Trainer Portal.

Your username and password details were emailed to you when you registered for the course. Your username is usually the email address you used to register. If you've forgotten your password or want to change it you can reset it by clicking on the ‘Forgot password?’ link on the log-in page.

If you have any questions about logging in to the Student and Trainer Portal, please email us on or call us on 01865 408333.

Obtaining your certificate

How do I get my certificate from my Level 1 course?
Once you’ve completed your P4C Foundation Course Level 1 and facilitated at least six enquiries, please complete and submit this form.

We aim to send your certificate to you within two working weeks.

NB You no longer need to submit evidence of your six enquiries in order to claim your Level 1 certificate, but keep a record of them as you will need to show evidence of your six enquiries in order to undertake a Level 2A course.

Do I need to submit the form to get my Level 2A, Level 2B or Level 3 certificate?

No, Level 2A, Level 2B and Level 3 course certificates will be emailed to you automatically once your trainer has marked your coursework and confirmed that you have passed.

INSET training

I’d like all my staff to be trained in P4C. Do you offer whole school INSET training?
Yes, we offer our Foundation Level 1 course as a two-day school INSET. The days do not have to be taken consecutively. See our INSETs information to find out more.

If your school is looking to adopt a longer term strategic approach to embedding and sustaining P4C, our flagship Going for Gold programme, which includes Level 1 and Tools for Thinking Together INSETs as well as other training and support, is the best option.

Handbooks and resources

How do I access my course handbook, the Getting Started Guide, and the Moving On Guide?
These resources are only available to people who have attended one of our courses.

If you took one of our courses after 3 December 2018, you can access the documents on the Student and Trainer Portal

If you took one of our courses before 3 December 2018, please email the SAPERE P4C team on and we will email you the document.

Where can I find P4C resources to use in my classroom?
Take a look at our Philosophy for Children (P4C) Resource Database. Please note that the database is currently still hosted on our old website.

The database includes recommended reading, stimulus material, links and downloadable resources. You can search by age range/key stage, topic or theme and resource type. 

You can also find some suggested P4C stimuli for each key stage here:

You can also sign up to receive our monthly email bulletin, which includes P4C news and events, information on training courses, and new resources. To sign up, simply fill in the form here

We also recommend, a subscription site providing resources and advice on P4C. SAPERE P4C is a member of The P4C Co-operative behind the site.

I would like to become a SAPERE P4C Trainer, what do I need to do?
You can find information on our Trainer Pathway here.

You must have passed our Level 3 Philosophical Educator course, including the assignment, to be accepted onto the SAPERE Trainer Pathway. Please note that our trainer pathway is currently only open to those based and practising in the UK.

Working for SAPERE P4C

Our job vacancies are advertised on our website here.

If you are interested in becoming a SAPERE P4C registered trainer, please click here.