Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in to the Student and Trainer Portal
Obtaining your certificate
Handbooks and resources
Working for SAPERE P4C
Becoming a SAPERE P4C trainer

You can also email us on or call 01865 408333.

How do I log in to the Student and Trainer Portal?

You can find the Student and Trainer Portal here.

Your username and password were emailed to you when you registered for your course. Your username is usually the email address you used to register. If you've forgotten your password or want to change it you can reset it by clicking on the ‘Forgot password?’ link on the log-in page.

If you have any questions about logging in, email or 01865 408333.

Obtaining your certificate

How do I get my certificate from my Level 1 course?
Once you’ve completed your P4C Foundation Course Level 1 and facilitated at least six enquiries, please complete and submit this form.

We aim to send your certificate to you within two working weeks.

You no longer need to submit evidence of your six enquiries, but do keep a record of them as you will need to show evidence that you have facilitated six enquiries if you want to take our Level 2A course.

Do I need to submit the form to get my Level 2A, Level 2B or Level 3 certificate?

No, Level 2A, Level 2B and Level 3 course certificates will be emailed to you automatically once your trainer has marked your coursework and confirmed that you have passed.

Handbooks and resources

Where can I find P4C resources to use in my classroom?
Our Searchable Library of P4C Resources contains a wealth of free P4C resources, designed, tried and tested by experienced teachers, SAPERE trainers and children of all ages.

They include activities to get everyone involved in speaking and listening, and working as a community; tips and advice to help you create a thoughtful space, build a supportive and challenging community, and develop questioning; and stimuli for enquiries including stories, images, videos, poems and picture books, and some suggested one-hour lesson plans.

You can also sign up for our regular P4C News Update, which includes P4C news, events and resources, and for our regular Philosophy Friday resources emails.

We also recommend, a subscription site providing resources and advice on P4C. SAPERE P4C is a member of The P4C Co-operative behind the site.

How do I access my course handbook, the Getting Started Guide, and the Moving On Guide?
These resources are only available to people who have attended one of our courses.

If you took one of our courses after 3 December 2018, you can access the handbooks on the Student and Trainer Portal.  If you took one of our courses before 3 December 2018, email us on

I would like to become a SAPERE P4C Trainer, what do I need to do?

Recruitment of new trainers is currently paused. Further information will be posted here once it resumes.

Work for SAPERE P4C

All job vacancies are advertised on our website.