Our international policy

Until 2020, SAPERE P4C’s strategic focus is primarily on children in the UK, particularly those facing disadvantage.

We continue, however, to welcome overseas visitors to attend our Level 1, 2A, 2B and 3 courses.

In most circumstances, we are also able to offer SAPERE P4C training in overseas schools, for example in British International Schools. We will undertake a risk assessment before any accepting overseas training commissions outside the EEA and reserve the right not to accept a commission.

In addition, there are other international organisations offering P4C training and support. If you are based outside the UK and are unable to attend a SAPERE P4C course, please consult the list of members of ICPIC, the International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children. P4C is practised in more than 60 countries so it is likely that there is a nearby centre or contact that can help you.

What do you want to do?

I want to attend a course in the UK

We welcome course attendees from anywhere in the world to our courses held in the UK. To book a course, please click on the relevant course level page  Level 1, Level 2A, Level 2B or Level 3  and scroll down to find our current course listings.

Please note that we are unable to help with visa, travel or accommodation arrangements.

I want to book a SAPERE P4C course for my school outside the UK

In the majority of cases, we hope to be able to provide SAPERE P4C whole school training at your school. Please contact Amelia Foster, Chief Executive Officer, on amelia@sapere.org.uk to discuss your training. Please note that this will depend on a range of factors and we do not guarantee that we will be able to help.

I want to become a SAPERE P4C trainer

While we welcome overseas participants on all our courses, we are currently only able to offer the SAPERE Level 1 Trainer Pathway to those who are based in and intend to practise P4C in the UK.

Please click here to consult the list of members of ICPIC (International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children) who may be able to assist you further. If you would like further advice about SAPERE P4C’s international policy and the Trainer Pathway, please contact Alison Allsopp, our National Training Manager, on alisonallsopp@sapere.org.uk.