P4C partnerships

SAPERE P4C works with partner organisations to develop and promote philosophical enquiry and P4C in education, in faith and multifaith groups, in the global citizenship movement, in community philosophy, in prisons and young offenders institutions,  and in intergenerational and local community groups.

The organisations we have worked or continue to work with include Votes for Schools, Values-Based Education, Oxfam, SHINESave the Children and Antidote (the campaign for emotional literacy).

SAPERE P4C is a supporter of the Fair Education Alliance, a coalition of over 100 organisations working to end educational inequality. We are committed to helping to achieve the Fair Education Impact Goals, five transformational changes which, if achieved in the next ten years, will substantially reduce educational inequality by ensuring more children get a fair chance in education, regardless of their background. The goals are to:

  • Narrow the gap in literacy and numeracy at primary school
  • Narrow the gap in GCSE attainment at secondary school
  • Ensure young people develop social and emotional competencies, good mental health and wellbeing
  • Narrow the gap in the proportion of young people taking part in further education or training after finishing their GCSEs
  • Narrow the gap in university graduation, including from the 25 per cent most selective universities

SAPERE has also formed many partnerships with teacher training and philosophy departments at UK universities and with teaching schools.