Partnership with VotesforSchools

We're thrilled to be working in partnership with the weekly debating and voting platform, VotesforSchools. This subscription-based organisation provides schools with weekly topical resources which work brilliantly as stimuli for enquiries. Many of the topics raise philosophical and ethical questions, and P4C is a perfect tool for extending and deepening young people's engagement with the issues they raise.
Our first joint topic, 'Should uncontactable tribes be left alone?', was prompted by the case of John Allen Chau, the American killed by a remote tribe on India's Andaman and Nicobar islands in November 2018.

Over the week of 10 December, VotesforSchools' primary and secondary schools used resources on this topic created with SAPERE P4C. The students had lots of interesting and deep conversations about whether uncontacted tribes should be left alone. Lots of philosophical concepts seem to have surfaced and it is clear the philosophical angle added to the quality of their comments. 

Children taking part in a VotesforSchools vote

At the end of the week, students voted on the question. The results were:

  • In secondary schools,  84% voted that uncontacted tribes should be left alone, 16% voted that they shouldn't.
  • In primary schools, 74.9% voted that uncontacted tribes should be left alone, 25.1% voted that they shouldn't.

 You can download resources on the topic here:


15 minute lesson plan PowerPoint version
15 minute lesson plan PDF version
45 minute lesson plan PowerPoint version
45 minute lesson plan PDF version


Key Stage 1 lesson plan PowerPoint version
Key Stage 1 lesson plan PDF version
Key Stage 2 lesson plan PowerPoint version
Key Stage 2 lesson plan PDF version