P4C and Ofsted

Ofsted's 2019 inspection framework places emphasis on three key areas:

  • quality of education
  • behaviour and attitudes
  • personal development

When forming a judgement, inspectors will consider:

  • intent
  • implementation
  • impact

Schools that embed SAPERE P4C have established firm foundations for delivering a curriculum that meets expectations in all these areas.

'Pupils’ personal development is exceptional...The school’s commitment to everyone being creative, caring, collaborative and critical [the 4Cs of P4C] has transformed how pupils view themselves and their learning.'

SAPERE P4C Gold Award logo

Broadwater School, Godalming (secondary school)
A SAPERE Gold Award School
Judged to be a Good school, with Outstanding Personal Development, October 2019

'Pupils embrace the concepts of equality and inclusivity. They are proud of their school’s ‘CREATE’ values of ‘care, respect, equality, achieve, trust and excellence’. Leaders use these values as the backbone of the school’s work to make sure that pupils develop as global citizens who are confident and respectful. The recent introduction of philosophy has helped to channel pupils’ fascination in learning about themselves, others and the world around them. Pupils relish asking questions such as ‘What is beauty?’.'

Stanton Harcourt C of E Primary School, Oxfordshire
Judged to be a Good school, October 2019

'Pupils are positive and confident and have excellent manners. Staff have high expectations of behaviour and pupils behave well at all times of the day...Staff think carefully about the experiences they provide for all pupils. They broaden pupils’ horizons and encourage pupils to have high aspirations for themselves. This includes pupils who are disadvantaged or have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). Staff help pupils to progress well academically and in their personal development. Philosophy lessons, for example, enable pupils to discuss and share their opinions. Pupils achieve well in different subjects.'

SAPERE P4C Silver Award logoStonebroom Primary and Nursery School, Alfreton
A SAPERE Silver Award School
Judged to be a Good school, September 2019

'You ensure that the curriculum makes an exceptional contribution to pupils’ personal development and well-being. Leaders have constructed a comprehensive personal, social and health education programme that educates pupils about safe and healthy lifestyles and relationships. All pupils also have planned opportunities to develop thinking skills. Pupils discuss social and moral dilemmas, including questions about diversity and equality, such as: ‘Should female footballers get paid the same as male footballers?’; ‘Can you be different but accepted?’. These sessions develop pupils’ confidence to express opinions, skills of negotiation and respect for different viewpoints. The success of the school’s work in this area was plain during my visit, when many pupils confidently came up to me, shook my hand and engaged me in conversation. Pupils’ impeccable manners continue to be a hallmark of your school.'
Broadgreen Primary School, Liverpool
Judged to be a Good school, July 2019

'The PSHE curriculum and philosophy programme make a significant contribution to pupils’ personal development. Loyalty and friendship, respect and animal rights are just a few examples of topics where pupils consider their own and other’s viewpoints. Pupils also consider the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in great depth. Pupils debate and share their views in a very considered way. This helps them to become confident learners who are not afraid to get things wrong.'

SAPERE P4C Bronze Award logo

Billesley Primary School, Birmingham
A SAPERE Bronze Award School
Judged to be an Outstanding school, May 2019

'The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good... Pupils work and play together harmoniously because they are taught to show tolerance of diversity as well as compassion for others. Through an approach looking at philosophical situations, pupils are also taught to work hard and to demonstrate resilience when they encounter problems. Through the curriculum, pupils develop a strong awareness of different faiths, ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Pupils demonstrate respectful and considerate attitudes and show respect for each other, even if they hold different beliefs or points of view. They are well prepared to play a positive role in modern Britain.'

SAPERE P4C Silver Award logo

St Mary and St Pancras Church of England Primary School, London
A SAPERE Silver Award School
Judged to be a Good school, May 2019

'Pupils benefit from a curriculum which seeks to provide opportunities to learn about the world beyond the immediate community. They are encouraged to explore big ideas through philosophy, to become resilient and able to work with others through sport, music and drama productions, and to learn about global citizenship through a wide range of charity activities.'

SAPERE P4C Bronze Award logo

Sutton-in-Craven Community Primary School, Keighley, West Yorkshire
A SAPERE Bronze Award School
Judged to be an Good school, May 2019

'Teachers encourage pupils to think about what they are learning through the application of skills learned through ‘philosophy for children’. In class, pupils are provided with plenty of opportunities to share their ideas, listen to each other and ask questions of their own.'

SAPERE P4C Silver Award logo

Haselworth Primary School, Gosport, Hampshire
A SAPERE Silver Award School
Judged to be a Good school, April 2019

'Opportunities to develop pupils’ resilience and well-being are built into the curriculum. For example, through philosophy lessons pupils share their feelings and concerns.' 
Faith Primary School, Liverpool
Judged to be a Good school, January 2019 (previously Inadequate)

'Pupils ‘enjoy their learning and like helping others to learn. They are fully engaged during learning and are eager to answer questions and give their opinion. They listen to each other’s ideas and work cooperatively. Pupils’ personal development is strong. Social, moral, spiritual and cultural education is well developed across the curriculum, particularly through the new philosophy curriculum that you have recently introduced. Pupils are well-prepared for life in modern Britain.’

SAPERE P4C Silver Award logo

Middlefield Community Primary School, Liverpool
A SAPERE Silver Award School
Judged to be a Good school, December 2018