SAPERE P4C case studies

P4C Champions supporting their peers to do P4C at Rokeby School, London

Rokeby School's P4C Champions in action © Rokeby School 2017

Using research evidence to choose P4C: Lander Road Primary School in Liverpool

‘At Lander Road we pride ourselves on only using the most effective approaches when it comes to teaching and learning, so the weight of evidence that sits behind P4C was important to us in beginning our journey...P4C is having a great impact on the development of our pupils.'
Michael Sheerin, Assistant Head Teacher

Lander Road Primary uses Philosophy for Children alongside other interventions which emphasise metacognitive skills, such as the Singaporean approach to maths and Reciprocal Reading. Find out more about why this SAPERE Bronze Award School chose P4C and how they are using the SAPERE P4C Going for Gold programme to develop high-quality, sustainable practice across the school.

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Building communities, developing leaders: P4C in a diverse London secondary school

‘P4C is an intuitive way for students to discuss controversial topics, to develop their social skills, verbal reasoning and cooperation with one another…[It] has allowed students to build strong relationships and cemented friendships between friends that would otherwise not have blossomed.’
Sohna Singh Rator, Year 11 P4C Champion

Rokeby School in east London is the first secondary school to be awarded the SAPERE P4C Gold Award. Located in an area of social and economic disadvantage, its intake is highly diverse and includes boys who have come to the UK as unaccompanied minors and as refugees and many who have significant caring responsibilities. A high proportion of students have English as an additional language, 70 languages are spoken across the school, and the number of students eligible for pupil premium funding is well above average. Find out about the difference P4C has made to the school and how its innovative P4C Champions programme is integral to the school’s success.

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Tailoring P4C for SEND: SAPERE P4C in an outstanding West Midlands special school

'P4C is great to use across the curriculum. My class found it challenging to work collaboratively and to accept views different to their own but now they easily build on others' ideas and share experiences - we regularly refer to caring and collaborative thinking throughout our day.'
Key Stage 2 Teacher

Hazel Oak is an Ofsted-outstanding all-age special school in Solihull for children with moderate learning difficulties. It supports a wide range of learners with diverse communication and emotional challenges, including autism, ADHD, Down’s syndrome, attachment disorder and social, emotional and mental health difficulties. From a single staff member being trained four years ago to whole-school P4C and a SAPERE P4C Bronze Award in November 2018, Hazel Oak has truly embraced philosophical thinking and is becoming a beacon of P4C practice in SEND. Find out how teachers and students use and adapt the tools, concepts and strategies used in P4C in mainstream settings to suit Hazel Oak’s needs.

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