P4C videos

Hear from students, teachers and trainers about why they love P4C

P4C at SAPERE P4C Silver Award School Bradway Primary in Sheffield

P4C at Secondary Level: SAPERE Gold Award School Bow School, London

P4C in Liverpool primary schools

The children of Gallions Primary School in London share their love of P4C

If life is a puzzle, does it have to be completed?

A P4C enquiry with year 6 students at SAPERE Gold Award School Gallions Primary, facilitated by SAPERE trainer Lisa Naylor

P4C at Secondary Level: P4C Champions at SAPERE Gold Award School Rokeby School

Matthew Lipman on the origins of P4C

Professor Matthew Lipman, the founder of P4C, discusses its origins and its use in a disadvantaged school in New York.

Philosophy Is A Right

SAPERE P4C Patron Professor Charlotte Blease argues that every child has the right to a philosophical education.