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The most effective way to engage with P4C is with a whole school approach.

We offer the P4C Foundation Course Level 1 course as a whole school INSET. This provides teachers with an introduction to the practice and principles of Philosophical Enquiry in order to introduce the model within your educational setting.

The two day programme covers:

  • Starter activities for thinking philosophically
  • Practical experience of the 10-step model
  • History, background and benefits of P4C
  • Building a Community of Enquiry and the 4Cs thinking
  • Philosophical questioning
  • The role of the facilitator
  • Curriculum links

Once your school has had a Level 1 INSET and has been practising P4C for three months or longer, including facilitating at least six P4C enquiries, you can move on to our one-day P4C Tools for Thinking Together INSET. Tools for Thinking Together will support your staff to become more versatile and confident P4C facilitators, overcome obstacles they may have come across in P4C enquiries, and develop higher order questioning and thinking skills among your students. It focuses on:

  • easoning and constructing meaning
  • Concept development exercises
  • Facilitation skills and moves
  • Reviewing enquiries and planning for progress

Tools for Thinking Together is also suitable for those who want to reinforce or refresh their P4C practice following any level of P4C training.

NB Tools for Thinking Together is optional in the training pathway and is not required for progression to Level 2A.

We also offer INSETs for our P4C Advanced Course Level 2A.

If your school is looking to adopt a longer term strategic approach to embedding and sustaining P4C, our flagship Going for Gold programme, which includes Level 1 and Tools for Thinking Together INSETs as well as other training and support, is the best option.

How much will an INSET cost?

A two-day P4C Foundation Course Level 1 INSET for up to 22 staff costs £2,200.

If you'd prefer to have the INSET as one full day and two twilight sessions, the cost for up to 22 staff is £2,500.

A one-day Tools for Thinking Together INSET for up to 22 staff costs £1,100.

A two-day P4C Advanced Course Level 2A for up to 22 staff costs £2,600.

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