P4C Insets

P4C Foundation Course Level 1 Inset

Three smiling teachers taking part in a workshop activity

 'The P4C training that we have received has been invaluable. As a staff, we were able to take part in the inset days and really have a shared dialogue about our objectives, highlights and targets.'
P4C Lead, Primary School, Southampton 

Our Level 1 inset is available either online or as face-to-face training with appropriate social distancing. 

Whether you choose online or in-person training, your inset will be tailored to your school and your priorities. The course provides a foundation to start practising P4C straightaway and to make an immediate and positive difference to your students.

Teachers will learn how to: 

  • encourage philosophical questioning and dialogue
  • facilitate a P4C enquiry in the classroom
  • identify resources to stimulate rich discussions among your students

The Level 1 course:

  • introduces the theory and practice of P4C
  • provides tools to develop students’ questioning and thinking skills
  • connects P4C to the curriculum
  • demonstrates philosophical enquiry in practice
  • presents P4C resources and sources of teaching materials

Completion of the course qualifies attendees for a SAPERE P4C Initial Practitioner Certificate.

Going for Gold

Maximum impact and benefit of P4C are achieved not only by introducing P4C but sustaining it, so our Going for Gold programme of training and support is designed to support you to build greater depth and rigour in your P4C practice and to ensure that P4C becomes integral to your school's curriculum, ethos and values. Contact us to find out more about Going for Gold.

How much will a Level 1 inset course cost?

Online insets are delivered through three four-hour modules using Zoom. An online inset for up to 16 people costs £1,450.

Face-to-face insets can be delivered over two days, or as one full day and two twilights. A two-day inset for up to 22 people costs £2,200. When delivered as one full day and two twilights, the cost is £2,500 for up to 22 people.

Other inset courses

Our one-day P4C Tools for Thinking Together inset is perfect for schools which have completed a Level 1 inset and have been practising P4C for at least three months. It focuses on supporting teachers to become more versatile and confident P4C facilitators, ready to develop higher order questioning and thinking skills among students, and to deal with obstacles they may have come across in P4C enquiries. It is also ideal for educators who want to reinforce or refresh their P4C practice following any level of P4C training. We also offer face-to-face insets for our Advanced Course Level 2A and Advanced Course Level 2B.

Talk to us about your inset training needs

Email us or call 01865 408333 to talk with us about your inset options.

 'Our new online Level 1 course is very closely aligned to our face-to-face training and gives teachers the chance to start their P4C journey, by introducing the principles and practice of P4C and building an online community of enquiry.

By offering it now, we can help more teachers to support children, whether online or in school, as more children start to return to the classroom, and as schools adapt to a changing world.'

Alison Allsopp, SAPERE’s National Training Manager