The Philosophical Educator Level 3 Course: Advancing Theory and Practice of P4C

    Explore the philosophical foundations of P4C and become an advanced facilitator

    Do you want to understand more about the philosophy behind P4C to develop your practice? Do you have experience of leading P4C in your school or organisation? Are you considering becoming a SAPERE trainer?

    Aims and objectives

    The Philosophical Educator course aims to help you develop advanced knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the theory and practice of P4C. Working together to generate critical engagement with, and reflection on, some of P4C’s central concepts, concerns and practices, the course will help you become better equipped to:

    • practise advanced P4C
    • advocate for P4C
    • contribute to the development of the practice, and
    • progress towards SAPERE’s Level 1 trainer pathway.

    The course

    The course is in three phases:

    1. Preparation: online introductions, readings and commenting over the months and weeks before you attend the face-to-face (enquiry) phase
    2. Enquiry: three-day residential enquiry on the six topics
    3. Review: reflective assignment writing

    The course is divided into six topic areas that will structure the reading, teaching, learning and reflection:

    1. Ethics in/of P4C
    2. Politics in/of P4C
    3. Childhood and P4C
    4. Language and knowledge in P4C
    5. Experience and the aesthetic response in P4C
    6. Pedagogy in/of P4C

    Testimonials from course delegates, 2018

    'Really useful to see how the theory relates to the practice. This is having an effect on how I deliver P4C and how I am leading in within my school.'

    'It has made me determined to embed P4C across my new school and to use it as a tool to re-engage the practitioners there.' 

    'It gives you the theory that underpins the practice and therefore allows you a far greater understanding of the nature and value of P4C. Hearing people's own experiences of their practice and relating it to the theoretical thinking makes the theory more relevant.'

    'Made me much more reflective of my own practice as a teacher. I now feel in a better position to support others at my school. Course tutors Sara and Steve were supportive, knowledgeable and facilitated the course brilliantly.'

    'It has been inspirational!'


    Participants must have attended the Level 2B course, including successful completion of the course report, and have been practising P4C regularly for at least two years.

    The course costs £750, including accommodation and catering for the three-day residential element of the course.

    Successful completion of the Level 3 course and post-course assignment will qualify you for a SAPERE P4C Advanced Facilitator Certificate.

    If you are considering applying for SAPERE’s Level 1 trainer pathway, please note:

    • Attendance at the Level 3 course and successful completion of the Level 3 assignment is one of the requirements for application to the Level 1 trainer pathway. However, it does not guarantee a place on the trainer pathway.
    • We welcome attendance on the Level 3 from participants overseas. However, those participants who wish to apply for and be accepted on the Level 1 trainer pathway must be based in the UK. For further information, please consult SAPERE’s international policy.