SAPERE P4C School Awards

Temporary changes to the Award submission process during the coronavirus pandemic

  • We understand that this continues to be a challenging time for schools and that covid-related pressures can make it difficult to complete your award submission. We ask for lots of evidence of your P4C practice and we know that this can be more difficult to gather in the current circumstances.
  • In order that you are able to make the best possible application, we ask that you only submit when you have been able to gather sufficient evidence of your school's P4C practice
  • We have no set deadlines and welcome submissions from September 2021. 
  • Once you are ready to submit, please send your application to
  • Gold Award visits are currently taking place virtually. Please contact for more information.
  • We can no longer accept cheques for Awards application fees as our team now work from home. Please contact for payment details. 

SAPERE’s Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards celebrate a school's progress in establishing high-quality and sustainable P4C. 

Our awards framework provides guidance on progression towards achieving outstanding and sustainable P4C practice for students, teachers and the school. 

Over 230 schools currently hold one of our Awards, including more than 20 Gold Award holders. You'll find our Award schools right across the British Isles – from the Hebrides to the Channel Islands, and in England, Wales and Scotland – as well as in China, Qatar and Kuwait. Our Award school include primaries, secondaries, nurseries and alternative provision settings.

The Bronze Award is for schools which have made a commitment to P4C as a whole school pedagogy and who have started on the SAPERE training pathway.

The Silver Award recognises that P4C is a regular part of teaching and learning within the school. Children demonstrate familiarity with philosophical concepts and questions and teachers are beginning to integrate planning and reviewing P4C across the curriculum.

The Gold Award is for schools which have fully embedded P4C, a fact which is reflected in the school ethos, strategy, teaching and learning. Gold Award Schools can demonstrate that P4C is sustainable and showcase this to others as ambassadors of P4C.

The Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards also form part of Going for Gold, our flagship programme of structured training and support for implementing whole school P4C. 


If you have a question about our School Awards, please contact Jen Simpson, Assistant National Training Manager.