The SAPERE P4C Bronze Award

Please see the main Awards page for information on temporary changes to the Award submission process during the coronavirus outbreak. 

The SAPERE P4C Bronze Award is for schools that have made a commitment to P4C as a whole school pedagogy and which have started on the SAPERE training pathway. In assessing a school for the Bronze Award, we use the following criteria:

Pupils: How well are they doing P4C?

  • building a Community of Philosophical Enquiry
  • questioning
  • development of philosophical thinking
  • review and evaluation

Teachers: How well are they developing their P4C skills?

  • classroom practice
  • facilitation skills
  • planning
  • P4C leadership
  • review and evaluation

School: How well is P4C supported across the school?

  • head teacher and senior leadership team commitment
  • level of whole school training
  • involving the whole school
  • review and evaluation

You can download our detailed School Awards Criteria here.

How to Apply

We would normally expect a school to have been doing P4C for one full year before being ready to apply for the Bronze Award.

Please read our Bronze Award Evidence Guidelines and Bronze Award Exemplar before completing the Application Form. Your completed form should be emailed to If you are attaching large files, please send via Dropbox.

There is an application fee of £75. Please contact for payment details. (Unfortunately we are unable to accept cheques at the moment as our staff are currently working from home.) 

Please note that if your school is part of our Going for Gold programme, the fee for the school award is included. 

How to Renew

Our School Awards are valid for three years from the date of the Award. After that, we ask that schools apply for the next level of Award or for reaccreditation at the current level.

If you're ready to apply for Silver, you can get information on the process here. Alternatively, if you want to renew your Bronze Award, please complete the Bronze Award Renewal Form and return it to

Bronze Award Renewals are valid for a further three years from the date of renewal. There is no application fee for a Bronze Award Renewal


If you have a question about our School Awards, please contact Jen Simpson, Assistant National Training Manager.